Delivering the brand experience through intergrated communication


Getting at the heart of what makes your product truly unique is a tough job in a competitive "me-too" environment. FV understands that building a brand is more than just communicating your products features and benefits. It's about your brand's personality and the promise your product must deliver.

who we are


The FV team is a dynamic integrated communications unit that strategically integrates a range of comprehensive design, communications and management disciplines in ways that relate specifically to the challenges our clients face. Our aim: the formulation and execution of unique eloquent and effective communications strategies that serve our clients' interests and maximize their communication spend.


We are a unique team of coordinated, hand-picked professionals with extensive experience in the fields of research, marketing, design, advertising, PR, media and project management. We are creative and disciplined individuals who deploy as cohesive, motivated and efficient teams that adapt to engage the communications challenge that clients may choose to lay at our doorstep. In short, we love what we do and we continuously strive to stay on top of the game because we aim to be the best at it.

what we do

We offer a complete range of integrated brand services, from developing brand positioning strategy to crafting distinct brand identities and delivering a comprehensive package of brand communication, advertising that help drive our clients' business forward.


From financial services to cereal, we are a full-service communications partner. We not only build a solid strategy and design foundation - we also fully implement all communication in all media: electronic, print, digital, outdoor, events and direct to the consumer.


  • Primary Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Development (symbol, typography, color)
  • Brand Graphic Standards
  • Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Alternative Communication Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Corporate and Consumer Events Strategy


  • Annual Reports/ Shareholder Communication
  • Consumer/ Trade Advertising
  • Corporate Capabilities Brochures
  • Direct marketing initiatives
  • Digital media (Websites, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds)
  • Packaging
  • Sales Support Material
  • Signage Systems
  • Trade Exhibits
  • Video/ Television Commercials
  • Radio Spots (Jingles, Programs)
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Event Planning, Production and Management
  • Sales Promoters

our philosophy & process


We live in the communication age. At FV, we know that marketing communications is far more than letting people know who you are, what you're selling and where to find it. Today's communications has to go deeper than transmitting information – our imperative is to connect. An intimate and insightful understanding of a target, the world/s they live in and how they connect to those worlds provides the platform for building integrated marketing communication that transforms what you're selling or saying from a product or service into a brand.


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    • Start with research to obtain an in-depth look at our client’s business
    • Analyze business, industry, competition and marketplace dynamics
    • Conduct research:
      • internal audiences: management, sales, employees
      • external audiences: customers, vendors, investors,
        key influencers
    • Audit current brand programs
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    • Develop a positioning document that summarizes the opportunities for
      the brand and puts forward our brand recommendations
    • Analyze key strengths and uniqueness
    • Determine current and desired perceptions
    • Identify gaps
    • Identify opportunities for brand differentiation
    • Distill key messages
    • Craft positioning platform
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    • Develop the brands core visual elements and demonstrate the positioning platform through a series of comprehensive prototype communications for applicable media
    • Develop brand identity elements
    • Conduct research:
      • logo
      • typography
      • colour/ colour systems
    • Develop positioning/ promotional line
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    4. TESTING

    • Conduct market research to test the brand programs with key consumer groups
    • Test positioning platform
    • Test brand identity and prototypes
    • Test concepts and key messages
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    • Orchestrate, produce and deliver the total brand communications program
    • Develop implementation blueprint/ timetable
    • Establish program budget
    • Design and produce final communication
    • Introduce final program to Client
    • Execute brand/communication/event program
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    • Help Clients manage their brands through the creation of standards, on-going brand evaluations and a continued role as brands are developed and reevaluated
    • Develop brand graphic standards
    • Conduct on-going brand audits
    • Provide on-going brand consultation
    • Guide strategically and implement tactically the evolution of the brand


Our awards


Caribbean Advertising Federation ADDY Awards

  • 2015

    1. Public Service
    Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications - Consumer Affairs Division
    Campaign: Integrated Campaign Consumer Affairs Division - Putting The Power On Your Side

    2. Animae Caribe – Animation and Digital Media Festival 2014
    Award: Most Successful Local Commercial Animation
    Advertiser: Ministry of Tourism
    Campaign: Integrated Campaign - Our Tourism Business Facts

  • 2014

    1. Mass Public - Exterior (on mass transit vehicle)
    Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Ministry of Tourism
    Campaign: Our Tourism - It's About All of Us Campaign: Branded PTSC Bus

    2. Logo - Visual
    Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited - NP
    Campaign: NP Blu Gas Logo

  • 2013

    1. Corporate Campaign
    Award: Gold ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Ministry of Trade and Industry
    Campaign: TTBizLink Press - Teaser campaign

    2. Non - Traditional Advertising
    Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing
    Campaign: NP Elevator Doors - Wrap

    3. Non - Traditional Campaign
    Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: KFC
    Campaign: KFC i smile for you - in store campaign

  • 2012

    1. Non - Traditional Campaign:
    Award: Award: Silver ADDY Award
    Advertiser: Advertiser: National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB
    Campaign: Campaign: NLCB Carnival Zone